A third generation family owned company providing excellent customer service and fuel delivery to central Wisconsin since 1935.

Home Heating

Crawford Oil and Propane's reputation was founded upon our home heating oil delivery.


We continue to service and delivery for Wisconsin’s independent farmers.

Motor Oils & Lubricant

We offer a full line of motor oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, grease, ect.


We have and continue to service small regional airports & airplane owners…


Nothin’ Gonna Keep Me Down

Good afternoon, After entering into correction, WTI pricing has whipsawed back to above $62/barrel. With the dollar recovering from the low and production increasing in the U.S. and Nigeria of OPEC, many of us are scratching our heads at the quick claw back in crude pricing. In addition, Iraq is investing in more production, and […]

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Game of Tug and Pull

Good morning, Crude oil finally unwound from its highs last week. Over $10/barrel came off of the WTI crude oil contract last week due to increased production in the US and the strength of the dollar. Futures prices dropped dramatically and crossed our strike price of $60/barrel. This week, crude prices rebounded a bit on […]

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Crude Tumbles with the Stock Market

Good morning, As I have been saying for sometime, WTI would begin to correct towards the end of January or in February. The correction has begun and is following the stock market. WTI prices have fallen from near $70/barrel down to $60/barrel. I believe that there is still some hedge fund money sticking around and […]

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