A third generation family owned company providing excellent customer service and fuel delivery to central Wisconsin since 1935.

Home Heating

Crawford Oil and Propane's reputation was founded upon our home heating oil delivery.


We continue to service and delivery for Wisconsin’s independent farmers.

Motor Oils & Lubricant

We offer a full line of motor oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, grease, ect.


We have and continue to service small regional airports & airplane owners…


Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning! I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving Day!  Since the markets trade on low volume this week due to the holiday, much of the movements will not be realized until the start of next week.  As of now, the profit taking for the year is starting to take shape due to the emergence […]

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Crude Trade Starting To Collapse?

Happy Friday! As I have been writing for the past months, the crude oil trade is going to be very choppy until the end of the year.  All components of the trade were in place to keep prices high until the end of the year.  But since there is a massive profit to be gained […]

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Crude Oil Prices: The Wild Ride Continues

Good morning! Happy Friday!  Colder weather is starting to set in and there was even some snow/mix this morning.  Hard to believe that winter is almost here!  Anyways, crude prices took a wild bumpy ride again this week.  The COP26 concluded this week with not much changed except a wanting to get off of fossil […]

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