A third generation family owned company providing excellent customer service and fuel delivery to central Wisconsin since 1935.

Home Heating

Crawford Oil and Propane's reputation was founded upon our home heating oil delivery.


We continue to service and delivery for Wisconsin’s independent farmers.

Motor Oils & Lubricant

We offer a full line of motor oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, grease, ect.


We have and continue to service small regional airports & airplane owners…


The Little Engine That Could…

Good morning! Happy Friday! The data released this week is causing much confusion and forcing traders to take pause. For months now, the fear of recession has loomed over the markets.  Analysists have been waiting patiently for earnings and Q2 GDP data to be released that would either confirm their fears or maybe kick the […]

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WTI Holding Below $100/Barrel

Good afternoon, After Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia, oil prices have failed to maintain any rally this week.  Demand erosion continues to threaten markets as fears of recession loom in the US and Europe.  The European Central Bank finally raised interest rates this week. In addition, mortgage demand in the US plunged to a 22 […]

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Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz….

Good morning! Happy Friday!  “Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz…. Oh what a relief it is”  Well, after some nice drops in crude oil prices this week, and some “fizzling out” in spot market differentials, consumers are starting to see some relief at the pump.  Unfortunately, the cause of the drops in prices is based on negative […]

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