Quality Service and 3rd Generation Family Owned Since 1935

Home Heating

Crawford Oil and Propane’s reputation is founded upon our home heating delivery.

Agriculture & Construction & Manufacturing

We offer excellent customer service and delivery for Wisconsin’s independent farmers, construction companies, and manufacturers.

Motor Oils & Lubricants

We offer a full line of motor oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, grease, ect.

C-Store Branding

We offer independent branding options for c-store owners looking to take control of their business and save money.


Tanking Dollar Causing Crude to Rise

Good morning, WTI crude oil prices continue to rally on a tanking dollar thanks to the inconsistent comments by US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. The comments caused one the largest one-day drops in dollar value yesterday which in turn caused WTI crude to rally over $1. As the strength of our dollar declines, commodities such […]

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Same Old, Same Old

Good morning, Well, not much has changed since last week. The news on the open market is fairly calm. However, hedge fund managers are enjoying making their predictions of where WTI might head this year. My feelings are that WTI is over bought. There has not been this much hedge fund money on long position […]

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Crude Exuberance

Good morning, Well, the stock market exuberance bug seems to have found its way into the crude oil market. Crude prices continue to climb with bearish fundamentals forming. At the moment, geopolitical tensions have eased in major oil production areas. Asia has cut imports on crude due to high costs. This will cause imports of […]

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