A third generation family owned company providing excellent customer service and fuel delivery to central Wisconsin since 1935.

Home Heating

Crawford Oil and Propane's reputation was founded upon our home heating oil delivery.


We continue to service and delivery for Wisconsin’s independent farmers.

Motor Oils & Lubricant

We offer a full line of motor oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, grease, ect.


We have and continue to service small regional airports & airplane owners…


Lots of Noise, No Movement

Good morning, Crude oil ended the week with little change in price even though the headlines were packed full of influential data.  On the geopolitical front, Iran captured a ship from the UK, claimed to have caught US spies in Iran, and threatened the rest of the world’s Navies to stay out of the Persian […]

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Demand Erosion In The Lead

Good morning, Despite continued tensions with Iran, demand erosion is winning on directing prices of crude oil.  WTI crude fell from over $60/barrel posting last week to now just over $55/barrel.  China has posted terrible economic data.  But we always need to remember that those numbers are not always trustworthy.  In addition, oil tankers from […]

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Hurricanes, Iran, the Fed, and More….

Good morning, Crude prices went on a wild ride this week with a frenzy of information.  Iran apparently tried to intercept another crude oil ship in the Straight of Hormuz.  Iran is denying the accusation, but the UK is adamant that their navy fended of some of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard’s ships.   Back at home, crude […]

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